6 Ways To Increase Your Energy Naturally


6 Ways to Increase Your Energy Naturally

Everyone has experienced days when our energy levels are low and we feel tired.  Usually we drive through our local coffee stand and grab our favorite triple shot coffee drink.  This might perk your body and mind up temporarily, but doesn’t address the root cause of the problem.  Essentially, you are treating a symptom instead of focusing on the reasons your body is constantly tired.  Check out these 6 ways to naturally increase your energy naturally without caffeine, soda, or sweets.

Drink More Water

Most people are dehydrated.  Instead of grabbing a coffee to ward off your afternoon slump have a glass of water.  You can add lemon and apple cider vinegar for taste and an extra immune boost.  Also, I choose to filter my water to reduce my intake of Chlorine and other chemicals.

Get More Sleep

When people are tired they usually go for a quick fix which usually is not the healthy choice.  Go to bed earlier or take some time during your day to relax for a bit.  The ideal time to sleep is between 10pm-6am.  Everyone’s body is different but the average person needs between 7-9 hours of sleep to function at peak levels.  If you have trouble falling asleep that early then stop using electronics 2 hours prior and remove all light and distractions from your bedroom.  You can also try natural sleep aids like essential oils to help your body relax and fall asleep.

Physical Activity

It’s important to do some form of activity everyday.  If you find something you enjoy and it’s easier to develop a routine.  Some healthy activities that I enjoy are walking, running, and yoga.  Whatever it is you will notice a change in your energy levels and in your mentality.  If your in good physical shape I would recommend sweating at least once a day to help your body release toxins and burn off excess energy.

Take Time

Everyone needs some time to themselves.  Go for a walk, take a bath, watch a movie.  Find what you like and make it a weekly priority.  By taking time for yourself you can actually increase your productivity and improve your mental health.

Avoid Draining Relationships

People can be energy drainers.  Remove these relationships from your life and you will notice a huge difference in the way you feel.  Your body only has so much energy and by avoiding people who drain your energy you will have more to give to the people your truly care about.
Eat Better Food

To gain more energy you should eat less animal products more vegetables.  Animal products are proven to be energy draining, mainly because they are difficult for your body to digest. Replace animal products with vegetables like leafy greens or sweet potatoes which are naturally sweet.  This is healthier on your body and will help give your more energy.

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