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Emergency Preparedness

Top 5 Emergency Preparedness Supplies

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Top 5 Emergency Preparedness Supplies

Let’s face it, the world has gone mad and everyday we hear of natural disasters, war, and other emergency situations happening around the world. It’s important for everyone to find ways to become more self sufficient during an emergency.  Check out my list of the Top 5 Emergency Preparedness Supplies.

Top 5 Emergency Preparedness Supplies

If you’re like me, being prepared during an emergency is essential.  If you’re just starting to prepare, don’t get overwhelmed, but instead begin small with the basics.  Start here with our simple emergency preparedness list.

Life Straw Water Filter

Water Filter
A good portable water filter is a great place to begin your emergency preparedness journey.  Katadyn makes a variety of portable water filters to fit your budget.  For a super low-cost temporary solution buy a Life Straw.  Consider also a “gravity fed” counter-top water filter for your home.  During an emergency water may become unavailable so it is good to have several gallons of clean water on hand for each person in your home.


Tactical Flashlight

Tactical Flashlight
If your budget allows buy a high quality flashlight that will work when you need it. My favorite flashlights are Surefire brand.  Surefire is used and trusted by military and law enforcement professionals around the world.  If money is an issue check into Stream-light flashlights, and don’t forget extra batteries.

Backpacking in the Mountains

Non-Tactical Backpack

During an emergency you may be forced to leave your home, therefore it is essential to have a good quality backpack.  I prefer to use a black backpack because it doesn’t stand out in an urban environment.  When moving through a city during an emergency it’s best to look as nondescript as possible.  Using a military-style or camouflage backpack can invite trouble or suspicion in a urban area. Instead, choose a boring nondescript backpack and be the “grey man” nobody notices.

Storable Food Granola in Mason Jar

Storable Food

When a crisis or emergency happens grocery store shelves are quickly emptied by hoards of unprepared people.  In the event of an emergency you could be stuck with only the food you have in your house.  FEMA recommends having at least 2-weeks of food storage, but more is always better.  It is best to store food you already eat by buying extra during each trip to the grocery store.  Don’t forget to rotate using the technique first-in, first-out.



During an natural disaster police and fire departments will be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the event and will be unable to respond to calls.  Therefore, it is up to us to provide protection for both ourselves and our family during an emergency.  There are many different options for self-defense and each individual must decide what works best for them.  A Few self-defense options to consider are a knife, firearm, pepper spray, or Taser.  It is important to note that anyone using a firearm or other potentially lethal self-defense method should receive professional training beforehand.  Most survival sites recommend a “long gun” for SHTF situations, but this might not always be the best solution.  Long guns will draw attention and make you a target to looters and police.  I prefer a small concealable gun that you can hide on your person for moving through dangerous urban environments.  In the picture above are a few of the items I carry on my person daily.  The pistol is a rainbow colored Sig Sauer P238 and two magazines.  Also included is a leather Galco holster, magazine carrier, Benchmade folding knife, two small Streamlight flashlights, and a small piece of paracord.

Now that you have the Top 5 Emergency Preparedness items it’s time to take the next step.  Begin to develop a custom Get Home Bag and Go Bag.  The get home bag is a small bag kept in your car that contains important items that will help you get home safely.  The Go Bag or the Bug Out Bag is usually larger and contains gear that will help you survive if forced to flee your home. The picture displays a variety of different items that would be useful for a Get Home Bag.  The photo does not include essential items such as warm clothing, waterproof jacket, water bottle, comfortable walking shoes, and extra food.

Don’t forget, you’re not always near your house or car during a crisis.  During an emergency you could be stuck with just the items in your pockets.  What items do  you carry on your person everyday?  I try to always carry a small folding knife, lighter, small flash light, extra cash (small bills), and my cell phone.

Watch this video to See what items a former Marine includes in his Everyday Carry.

Thanks for reading our Top 5 Emergency Preparedness Supplies!  Remember, during an emergency you will most likely have to rely on yourself to keep your family safe.  Prepare today so you will be ready when disaster strikes!  If your interested in supporting Life Naturally, please purchase your Emergency Preparedness items through the Amazon links below.