Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Weekly Basket



Why you should support community supported agriculture

CSA boxes, which stands for community supported agriculture, have been exploding in popularity in recent years.  Essentially, by purchasing a CSA you are investing in a farm by buying one of their “shares” offered for that season, in return you receive a box of veggies during that growing season.  A CSA is a win win for consumer and farmer.  The farmer is receiving payment early in the season which helps with cash flow.  The consumer receives ultra fresh produce and is often exposed to vegetables you would not normally use or buy yourself.

My experience with CSA from local organic farmers

Last year I bought a CSA share from a local organic farm and it was my favorite part of the summer.  I went in again this year and I always look forward to pick up day.  It can be tricky to use all the vegetables and you are not able to plan meals prior to pick up because every week the box is a little different.  This challenges me but its also fun I don’t usually buy swiss chard but its in my box most weeks throughout the summer.  I get creative with lettuce because I could not make enough salads to use it all before it goes bad.


The contents of my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box this week are: 

Sweet Red Onions



Pole Beans

Head Lettuce

Swiss Chard

Patty Pan Squash





Red Peppers


What i’m making with this weeks CSA organic produce haul

The basil is going to be pesto.  I am going to stuff the patty pans with some quinoa and some veggies.  The swiss chard is going to be enchiladas.  I am going to roast the beets and make a salad with goat cheese.  Cucumbers will be made into quick pickles.  The tomatoes are going to be sauce or roasted tomato soup.  A breakfast for dinner of kale and sweet potatoes or something and topped with a crispy egg.  A quick foil dinner with beans and potatoes and a protein of some kind.  Some of these may or may not be exactly what I make but I like having a plan with my CSA veggies so they don’t go to waste!

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