Ginger Kombucha Moscow Mule Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipe



Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  I like to keep Thanksgiving special  but laid back at the same time.  One way to achieve this is with a special cocktail for your guests to enjoy before of after dinner. Everybody knows how to make a Moscow Mule, so I decided to give this classic cocktail a healthy twist. One of my favorite drinks is GTS Kombucha and I love finding unique ways incorporate it into my recipes. Kombucha is a fermented tea using a culture of bacteria and yeast. I think it tastes great, but for many it can be an acquired taste. If you have never tried this healthy drink before I would start with the berry flavored versions until you grow accustomed to it.

Here are two ideas for your Thanksgiving get together or any other holiday get together you might be having this year.

Ginger Kombucha Moscow Mule


In a shaker with ice add

6 ounces Ginger Kombucha (I used GTs)

4 ounces Cranberry juice

Juice of one lime

1 ounce vodka

Shake.  Pour into an ice filled glass.  Garnish with cranberries and a lime wedge.

These have a slight bite to them.  Add agave for more sweetness or more cranberry juice.

close-photo-ginger-kombucha-moscow-mule ginger-gts-kombucha-moscow-mule-lime

If Kombucha isn’t your thing then try these delicious Apple Cider Mimosa’s. Let’s face it, everyone loves mimosa’s, so if your looking for a sure winner with your house guests, this is it!

Apple Cider Mimosa


Fill a champagne flute about 2/3 full.  I like a drier champagne because the apple cider is pretty sweet.

Top with apple cider.  Garnish with an apple slice.

Easy, festive, and a different take on the regular mimosa. From my family to yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


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As a Certified Health Coach from Integrative Nutrition, I have combined my love for cooking, with my knowledge of healthy ingredients and recipes for specific dietary types.

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