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Green Tea Body Scrub

By March 17, 2017Beauty, DIY

Green Tea Body Scrub

No big plans for St. Patrick’s Day or you want just a low key night.  Try this Green Tea body scrub.  I like tea but I have not been able to get into the drinking green tea, do you feel the same? This is for you!  You can get the skin benefits without the taste and use up that green matcha powder while you’re at it!  Green tea is full of antioxidants which fight free radicals you know those things that lead to aging skin.  It can also improve complexion and calm redness.

Body scrubs are good after the drying winter season.  Get rid of the dulling dead skin and leave the shower with smooth skin and reap the benefits of green tea.  Jump in the shower (carefully body scrubs add to slippery shower floors) or bath and show your skin some love!

Green Tea Body Scrub

1 1/2 C Sugar (granulated is smaller and will give you a lighter exfoliation and natural is more coarse leading to a coarser exfoliation)

2 Tsp Green Tea Powder (Matcha)

2 Green Tea Bags brewed and cooled

1 C Coconut Oil

Mix ingredients together. Slowly pour in tea and mix until you get your desired consistency.  I will look gritty wet sand like.  It will look grittier if you use coarser sugar.  You can also use brown sugar if you prefer.

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Tips and Tricks: If you use distilled water when you brew your tea the scrub will last longer.  If you want this to have a longer shelf life omit the brewed tea and cut open the tea bag and add the leaves without the water it lasts longer. This recipe makes about three 8 ounce jars of scrub.  Adjust the recipe according to how much you want to make. There are no preservatives in this so it will not last long.

Author Aimee Morrisey

Aimee Morrisey Certified Holistic Health Coach and graduate from Integrative Nutrition. As a longtime cook, Aimee enjoys incorporating organic, natural, and GMO Free ingredients into her recipes focusing on vegetarian and gluten-free cooking.

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