How to Set and Keep Your New Years Resolutions


How to Set and Keep New Years Resolutions

A good place to start with your next year resolutions is a year end reflection.  Go over highlights, disappointments, what did you focus on, things you forgot, and reflect and form a plan from this list for next year.  It may surprise you what comes from this list.  Another way to come up with goals or resolutions that will stick is to think of the resolutions as lifestyle changes.  This makes them more permanent and not so daunting, helping you focus and stay on track.  Its about making small positive changes to achieve the goals you have laid out.

Learning New Habits Takes Time

It takes 21 days to form a new habit.  Be patient with yourself change does not happen over night.  Focus on the good and don’t dwell on the negative.  Keep your goals specific and positive.  Write them down and post them somewhere you look daily like the refrigerator, your office space, or anywhere else that will remind you.  Mistakes will happen keep a journal to remind yourself how far you have come focusing on your successes will help you.  Always focus on the positive!!

Healthy New Years Resolution Ideas

Here are few ideas.  Small changes can lead to larger goals being accomplished.

Drink more water.

Eat less meat. Meatless Mondays. A dinner a week.

Eat more greens. Every meal.

Cook at home more. Cook dinner more often.

Move more. Walk. Run. Dance. Take the stairs.

Unplug.  Turn your phone off one hour everyday.  Don’t bring your phone to the dinner table.

Give back to your community.  Volunteer. Donate.

Save. For a vacation. For a goal.

De-clutter. Life. House. Office.

Be more present. Slow down. Enjoy the moment.

Start a gratitude/thankful list add to it everyday.

Spend more time with family/friends.

Start a journal. Goals. Good things.

Be more positive. With your thoughts. Actions.

Self-care.  Start a self-care practice.  Be nice to yourself.

New Years Goal Setting Worksheet

Write down your goals.  Choose how often you are going to want to check in with yourself and how you are accomplishing your goal.  Daily, weekly, or monthly.  Now start a journal this helps you stay on track and if you have a set back it will remind you of your successes and keep your focus positive.

Goal(s): What is your end game? What do you want to accomplish at the end.  Set a realistic timeline.

How will I accomplish this goal:  Break your goal up into smaller pieces.  Use this to set your day, week, or month.

Check-in: Set a time to check in with yourself.  Daily, weekly, monthly.  Whatever works for you.  You can check in with yourself as much as you want.  Some will find daily will hold them more accountable others will find weekly or monthly to be enough.  Be honest and make it a priority.

Today, This week, This month I will:  Small changes lead to the big changes you want to make.  Take something small and work on that.

To accomplish this I will:  How are you going to accomplish this smaller goal.

Successes I have had:  Whats good?  Documenting your successes will help you stay on track and keep positive.

Set backs:  Don’t dwell.  Write down and move on.  This will help you focus your next day, week, or month.

Now I need to:  Whats next? What do I need to change? What do I need to focus on?

Here is an example:

Goal: Eat healthier.  I will clean up my diet and by the end of the year I will have formed new habits to obtain this goal.

How will I accomplish this: Cook more at home.  Be mindful about what I put in my body.  Meal plan.  Pack my lunches.  Drink more water.

This month:  I will cook dinner at home at least four times a week.  I will make cooking a healthy dinner a priority.

To accomplish this: I will plan my week and write my meals down and post it on my fridge so I have a reminder.  Use my crockpot or make a dinner ahead of time.  I am going to make one dinner that I can eat twice.

Check in: I will check in weekly with myself to accomplish my monthly goal.

1st week-

Successes:  I have been cooking more and enjoying it. I am finding new recipes and trying new foods.  Things that were not on my original list but have made this fun.

Setbacks:  I have not made my goal of four times a week.

Now I need to:  Plan ahead little more and be realistic about my schedule.

This will help you keep track but also have something to look back on to see how far you have come.

Final Thoughts on New Year Goal Setting

Celebrate your milestones on your journey.  Reward yourself with things that will keep you on track.  Find a positive support system.   Share your goals with friends and family this keeps you accountable.

Healty Options

As a Certified Health Coach from Integrative Nutrition, I have combined my love for cooking, with my knowledge of healthy ingredients and recipes for specific dietary types.

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