One World Whey Protein Powder Supplement Review

One World Whey Protein Powder Review I was first introduced to One World Whey when I was listening to a radio show that featured their advertisement.  The product spokesperson made some somewhat unbelievable claims about the quality and benefits of using this protein.  As a skeptical person, I decided to investigate the product further in an attempt to prove or disprove the advertisement.  After much research, what I found out was truly shocking!

What’s good about One World Whey?

One World Whey Protein Powder is a high-quality supplement from Synergistic Nutrition.  This top shelf supplement has a unique manufacturing process that remains unheated from start to finish.  Synergistic Nutrition reports that when you heat the protein you loose many of the beneficial properties.  When a supplement is unheated throughout the entire production process it retains many of those beneficial ingredients, therefore it is more effective then other dry proteins.  In other words, this whey protein is non-denatured (undamaged) during the production process. Aside from the unique manufacturing process this product is sourced in a unique and health way.  According to their website, Synergistic Nutrition sources their product from Amish raised grass-fed cows.  The Amish culture is nutritious for living a natural and chemical free life.  Taking that into consideration you can assume that this product will have less chemicals and harmful ingredients then their competitors sourced traditional farms.  While I would like to believe that all Amish cows are chemical free and healthier than regular cows, I decided to push further and research this claim. I found research that a company actually did testing on the protein to discover how clean it was and the results were shocking.  Testing showed that it had almost zero toxins and tested cleaner than almost every other protein on the market.  Many people don’t see a small level of toxins in a product as huge problem, but those that are very health conscious about what we put in our bodies can appreciate this result.  The question then naturally becomes, are you willing to pay a little more to have a product you know is very high-quality and nearly free of chemicals and toxins.  As a long-time health researcher, I prefer to only take vitamin and mineral supplements that are very high-quality and sourced in a sustainable and humane way, which One World Whey is.

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What’s there not to like about One World Whey?

The main complaint you hear is about the price.  Retailing for $154.95 for the 5LB canister and $44.95 for the 1 pound canister.  This product is considered a premium supplement because of the manufacturing process and the sourcing method.  I can say from experience that this whey is not for everyone.  The majority of people out there are not very health conscious and instead are more concerned about saving money.  With that said, there is another segment of the population who care primarily about the quality of the product.  Furthermore, there’s another group of people out there who are not only concerned about the quality but also about the story and details of the sourcing method.  One World Whey passes the test as the highest quality and consciously sourced product, but is definitely priced at a higher price point than most can afford. The other potential downside that I believe is important to note is a past labeling error that Synergistic Nutrition experienced.  For the first few years of the products existence it had a error on it’s label regarding the amount of protein in the 1LB and 5LB canisters.  Eventually, the product was tested by a 3rd party reviewer and the issue was discovered.  While I believe that the product developer had no idea about the issue, a small minority of people were permanently skeptical of the protein.  From my research, it appears that the manufacturer and private labeler had no idea about the issue and it was truly an honest mistake.  Once the labeling error was discovered the company quickly fixed the issue and moved on to compensate people where they could.  The new formulation of One World Whey has the correct protein label and tastes better than ever.

My personal experience with the product.

I really started getting serious about my health about 10 years ago.  I started researching supplements and unfortunately made some bad choices.  As my knowledge of health products has increased, so has the price I pay for the supplements I take.  Instead of taking large amounts of supplements of questionable quality, I decided to just take a few good supplements a couple times per day.  The process of searching for the best companies out there led me to find One World Whey.  After hearing a radio ad proclaiming the attention to detail that was taken while producing this amazing superfood I decided to give it a try.  I primarily use protein powders after I workout and occasionally before.  I have noticed the most effect during the activity when I take a scoop full of powder about 30 minutes to an hour before working out.  One thing I noticed immediately is that my recovery after tuff workouts went down dramatically.  Usually after a long surf session I would be sour the next day, but not any longer after beginning a supplement routine.  After trying dozens of other powders on the market this was the only one I actually felt a positive effect from.  When my canister would run out I could feel the difference after I spent a long evening in the gym.  Aside from the muscle building and sports recovery aspects, I feel that my body has benefited from the cleansing properties.  This unique protein contains properties that helps increase your bodies natural glutathione production.  I’m a big proponent of cleansing and detoxing and I know without a doubt One World Whey helped me with this.

Video testimonial for my favorite whey protein.

In this short video I talk about my experience with supplements and which protein I recommend to take on a daily basis.   Are you the type of person who cares deeply about what products go into your body?  If so, claim your first canister of One World Whey Protein Powder today!