Tiny House Movement Off-Grid Version


Tiny House Movement Off Grid Home Wood Stove

Tiny houses have been around for a long time but the idea of living in a tiny dwelling full-time never peaked my interest.  Overtime tiny homes have evolved and are now including features like wood stoves and hot tubs.  Tiny home designs have come a long way and now a company out of the United Kingdom has produced an off-grid version of the tiny home that features solar panels, water tank, and composting toilet.

Tiny House Off-Grid Version with Wood Stove

Living expenses are on the rise while real incomes are going down forcing more people every year to forgo a traditional mortgage and downsize into a tiny home.  The tiny home movement has been gaining popularity lately and new designs are coming online that make tiny living more practical and enjoyable.  People choose to make the jump to tiny living for a number of reasons including financial, environmental, and the freedom that goes along with a small moveable dwelling.

Tiny houses are small homes usually around 100-400 square feet on a trailer making them portable.  The tiny home solves the problem of being stuck in one location because tiny homes can be easily moved.  Tiny homes include most the amenities of regular homes but with a much smaller footprint.  Some of the benefits of tiny homes are they cost less to heat, cost less to buy or build, force you to declutter your life, and give people the option of home ownership that couldn’t otherwise afford it.

Researching tiny homes for many years I have never been impressed with their designs.  Many tiny homes are tied on the grid and use traditional methods of electricity, water, sewer, and heat.  One of the main benefits of a tiny home is it can be moved wherever you want, but without on grid connections a tiny home is nothing more than a shed on wheels.  After much research I stumbled upon an amazing off-grid version of the tiny home.  Produced by a company out of United Kingdom, this tiny home features all the amenities you would need to live comfortably in your tiny home without on-grid connections.

This amazing tiny home is also available in an “off the grid” version that includes solar panels, water tank, and compostable toilet.  My favorite part about this tiny house is the wood-fired hot tub.  You no longer need to waste electricity or propane to heat your hot tub with the off-grid version.  As you can see, the interior is breathtaking with most of the amenities of a standard kitchen in a fraction of the space.  The addition of a wood powered fireplace gives the owner the ability to cook and heat their house without electricity.
Off Grid Tiny House with Fireplace Cook Stove
Off Grid Tiny House with Wood Stove
Tiny House Off Grid Interior Picture
If your planning on staying in one location for an extended period of time, you can add decking and other amenities to your tiny home.  Here is an example of a tiny home homesteading set up with outdoor fireplace, wood storage, dining area, covered outdoor space, and more.
Off Grid Tiny House Homestead Wood Cook Stove
The designs and possibilities are endless with tiny homes.  Hopefully we’ve inspired you to cut your budget and live a simpler life.  All pictures were sourced from Tinywood Homes.  If your interested in renting or buying a tiny home visit their website below.
Photo Source Link: http://tinywoodhomes.webs.com/
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