What is the Best Protein Powder on the Market?


What is the best protein powder on the market? There are many different whey proteins out there and it’s difficult to choose the one you can trust.  Ignorant at the time, I went to the grocery store and purchased the first whey protein I found on the shelf.  I later realized this is a mistake because not all whey protein powders are created equal.  I set out to find the highest quality unheated milk whey protein on the market.  I insisted the product be made from only grass fed cows raised in a clean environment.  I demanded that they whey protein not only be made from the highest quality ingredients but also taste great too!  What I discovered may surprise you!

After some research I decided it was time to include protein powder in my diet.  At the time I had been eating primarily vegetarian, so I concluded supplementation was important. I noticed the market was flooded with low cost whey proteins, some of which include chemical fillers.  After much trial and error I found One World Whey.  This was the first protein that I had found that was free of heavy metals and fillers, minimally processed, and produced from grass fed cows.

I have been taking One World Whey Protein Powder for about 3 years and have seen amazing results.  Almost immediately I noticed increased muscle and sports performance.  I’m a surfer and usually surf daily, so I began taking One World Whey 30 minutes before I surfed, and another scoop 30 minutes after the session.  The main thing I noticed is my recovery time increased dramatically and I didn’t have any noticeable muscle soreness.

Another positive effect I have since taking One World Whey is increased muscle and energy, even when I’m not working out.  Living here in the Pacific Northwest means rain for 5-6 months out of the year.  In the winter months when the surf isn’t good It becomes hard to exercise consistently.  This winter I have been taking the whey protein powder daily and I haven’t gained my usual 5 pounds of “winter weight” even though I’m not working out very often.  I can’t directly say the whey is the only reason for my improved physical performance, but it has definitely helped.

The market is saturated with many different kinds of whey proteins, but One World Whey is a raw protein powder that uses a unique “truCool” processing system to process the protein without heating it.  Most whey protein powders you will find on the market are heated and could potential be filled with toxins and heavy metals.

One World Whey was recently tested by Mike Adams and came up virtually free of heavy metals and toxins.


One World Whey showed the following test results:

Lead: zero (no detectable levels)

Cadmium: 0-.01 ppm

Arsenic: .01-.02 ppm

Mercury: .004-.009 ppm (almost zero)

Copper: .35-3.5 ppm

Aluminum: 1-4ppm

* ppm = part per million

As a disclaimer Natural News does not certify every lot of One World Whey Protein will test clean, but this is probably a good indication of what to expect.

Stephen Heuer, the main distributor for One World Whey has a Bachelor of Science as a Nutripath and is very educated on nutritional science.  I have spoken to Stephen and can report he is very serious about the quality of the product.  Therefore, we can conclude One World Whey is the highest quality raw protein on the market today.  Unfortunately, this high quality comes at a cost that’s higher than traditional whey protein supplements.  The 1 pound whey’s retail for $44.95 and the 5 pound whey’s sell for $154.99.  We believe the quality of the product is worth the price, and if your going to supplement, it’s important to only supplement with high quality products.

One World Whey comes in vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry.  I have tried all three and I prefer chocolate the best.  I like to mix the chocolate whey protein powder into a glass of filtered water.  It tastes similar to chocolate milk when fully mixed.  The vanilla protein powder tastes decent mixed with water, but for the best taste mix it with milk or add a green super food powder to it.  The strawberry whey protein has my least favorite taste.  When mixed with water it resembles the taste of strawberry milk.  I wouldn’t advise mixing green vitamin and mineral powders with the strawberry whey protein.

One World Whey raw protein powders comes in two different sizes:

One World Whey 1 Pound – $44.99

One World Whey 5 Pound – $154.99

As you can see you get a lot more value by buying the 5 pound container compared to the 1 pound.  If you’re very serious about your health and prefer to spend money on high quality supplements I would suggest purchasing the 5-pound container, because it will last a very long time.


One World Whey raw protein powder is in our opinion, the highest quality whey protein on the market.  While the price point is high, I believe that paying only for high quality supplements is better for your health then taking low quality supplements.  Low quality supplement manufactures will cut corners and include fillers, toxins, heavy metals, and other junk in their products to save money.  Research has shown that your body will intake more of the heavy metals and toxins from food and supplements that are processed.  Therefore it is wise to only take high quality supplements from developers you can trust.  If your ready to get serious about your health, Claim your first container of One World Whey Protein Powder.

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