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Activated Charcoal and Avocado Face Mask

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Avocado and Activated Charcoal Face Mask

I have been using activated charcoal in my skincare routine for awhile now and I love it! I have noticed a difference in the look and feel of my skin.  Today I am sharing all of the reasons why you should add activated charcoal to you skin care routine.

Activated Charcoal is a fine powder that is odorless and non-toxic. It draws oil, dirt and other harmful substances from pores and skin due to its adsorption powers.  It works by trapping toxins in its millions of tiny pores and negative electric charge.  Look for charcoal made from coconut shells or bamboo be sure to read labels like with anything.  You can find activated charcoal in the supplement aisle of any health food store usually in capsules.  If you want a powder which is easier for skincare purposes you can find it online.

The skin benefits include anti-aging properties and acne prevention.  Anti-aging benefits include tightening pores, smoothing the skin, and reducing inflammation.  Reducing inflammation is significant in preventing premature aging skin.  Activated Charcoal has anti-bacterial properties ideal for acne prone skin.  Trapping impurities, healing pimples, and preventing further breakouts.

By adding the avocado to this mask adds to the clear skin and anti-aging benefits.  Avocado is super nourishing and softening to the skin.  Its also a natural sunscreen protecting the skin even more.  A few warnings this mask will be black, like really black.  That is how it should look.  It will not smell like charcoal though.  It will smell just like avocado.  This mask will leave you skin feeling smooth, clean, and nourished.  A warning it is charcoal it will be hard to wash off things to be careful when making, applying, and washing off.


2017-04-18 11.20.05

Activated Charcoal and Avocado Face Mask

In a small bowl smash half an avocado removing as many lumps as possible.

Add 2 capsules of activated charcoal.


Apply a thin layer to face.  Let dry.  Wash off face.

2017-04-18 17.16.39

This will make enough for 2 masks.  Invite a friend a to join!

Coconut Oil Skincare

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Coconut Oil Skincare

I love coconut oil.  I use keep a jar in my kitchen and a jar in my bathroom.  Cooking with it is great but I like to use it on my skin even more!  Coconut oil is awesome because it has antibacterial properties helping keep your skin clean and clear.  Its incredibly moisturizing and has antioxidants like vitamin E and vitamin A which help slow down the aging process.  I use coconut oil head to toe and I’m going to share how I do that.

Do you have a dry scalp or dry hair? Depending on length of hair warm a tablespoon of coconut oil in your hands and spread on hair from roots to tips.  Concentrating on the ends.  Comb through then wrap hair in towel and let sit for half hour.  Wash hair normally.  Enjoy softer hair.

On the face the uses are almost endless.  Coconut oil can be used as a makeup remover, moisturizer, night cream, and can lengthen your lashes.  I wash my face and slather it on my face and neck at night.  I wake up to super soft hydrated skin.  If you are prone to oilier skin mix with your normal moisturizer or wash with it instead.  You get the benefits with out the added oil.

You can make lotion with coconut oil but I just use it plain out of the jar.  After a shower I just warm some in my hands and use as you would a body oil.  You can add an essential oil if you feel like it but I mostly just use it plain.  I have eczema and this is the one thing I use that has cleared it up with out much effort.  If you have sensitive skin like I do this will not irritate at all.

Out of shave gel or can’t find one you like? Coconut oil is awesome to shave your legs with.  Use it like you would a shave gel and you probably won’t need to put any lotion on your legs after it works that good.  Your skin will be soft with a close shave.  Its the best!

A few other uses sunburn relief.  It replaces the moisture lost and soothes.  If you add lavender essential oil in your burn will be lighter in and less painful in no time.  Add coconut oil to your epsom salt bath.  Add  1/4 cup epsom salt and 1/4 cup coconut oil in a hot bath.  You will get the detox benefits with added moisture.

2017-04-04 11.28.58

I found these individual packets of coconut oil at Trader Joe’s.  They are awesome for travel I throw a couple of packets in my makeup bag and I have coconut oil without the mess of trying to put into something smaller or having it leak.

Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

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Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Its the perfect time to go through all your beauty products and purge what you don’t need or things with yucky ingredients. I use this time to get rid of samples I have been holding onto, products I no longer used to clean out all the drawers in my bathroom and reorganize them with what I’m keeping.

Ideally you should be cleaning your brushes at least once a month if you have not been doing that start now.  Not regularly cleaning your brushes can lead to bacteria on your brushes which then goes on your face.  I use a spray I can use all the time.  You can also make an easy cleaner with warm water, dish soap, and olive oil.  Work brushes through the oil mixture.  Rinse well and gently squeeze out excess water.  Place brushes on a towel handle higher then the brush side to dry.

Clean off your hot tools.  Wipe your flat iron or curling iron with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.  Wipe down with a wet cloth repeat as necessary.  This will remove build up from products on your hair prior to use.

Hair Brush- Fill a bowl with warm water and mild shampoo swish the brush around and then place the brush brustle side down to dry.

Now go through your drawers and cabinets and evaluate everything you use regularly. Check expiration dates.  Get rid of the products you no longer use.  Get rid of the products with less then 1/4 left.  Make the switch to cleaner products if you haven’t already.  You can do this one of two ways.  Make the switch and toss everything else or buy as you use up what you have.  I prefer using then buying.  I don’t like to waste.  Look for products without synthetic fragrances, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, or lead.  Your skin is your largest organ treat it well and use quality products.

Finally, wipe out make up bags and drawers you keep your stuff in and reorganize.

As a rule of thumb these products should be switched out every:

Mascara- 3-6 months

Eyeshadow- 3 months

Eyeliner- 3 months

Liquid concealer-1 year

Powder or stick- 2 years

Foundation- 6-12 months

Cream blush-1 year

Powder blush- 2 years

Face powder- 2 years

Lipstick/gloss- 1 year or if you’ve been sick toss.

Unsure how long you have had a certain product?  Toss it better safe then sorry!


Green Tea Body Scrub

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Green Tea Body Scrub

No big plans for St. Patrick’s Day or you want just a low key night.  Try this Green Tea body scrub.  I like tea but I have not been able to get into the drinking green tea, do you feel the same? This is for you!  You can get the skin benefits without the taste and use up that green matcha powder while you’re at it!  Green tea is full of antioxidants which fight free radicals you know those things that lead to aging skin.  It can also improve complexion and calm redness.

Body scrubs are good after the drying winter season.  Get rid of the dulling dead skin and leave the shower with smooth skin and reap the benefits of green tea.  Jump in the shower (carefully body scrubs add to slippery shower floors) or bath and show your skin some love!

Green Tea Body Scrub

1 1/2 C Sugar (granulated is smaller and will give you a lighter exfoliation and natural is more coarse leading to a coarser exfoliation)

2 Tsp Green Tea Powder (Matcha)

2 Green Tea Bags brewed and cooled

1 C Coconut Oil

Mix ingredients together. Slowly pour in tea and mix until you get your desired consistency.  I will look gritty wet sand like.  It will look grittier if you use coarser sugar.  You can also use brown sugar if you prefer.

2017-03-12 15.19.37

Tips and Tricks: If you use distilled water when you brew your tea the scrub will last longer.  If you want this to have a longer shelf life omit the brewed tea and cut open the tea bag and add the leaves without the water it lasts longer. This recipe makes about three 8 ounce jars of scrub.  Adjust the recipe according to how much you want to make. There are no preservatives in this so it will not last long.

My Beauty Must Haves

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Beauty Must Haves

Must have beauty products I use daily

I have pretty sensitive skin and I’m super picky about what I use.  Your skin is your largest organ so it matters what you put on it.  I like products that are good quality as organic or naturally derived as I can find.  I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to how many products I use of have.  I find one I like that doesn’t make my skin breakout in a rash I will use it forever! Want to find new good for you products join beauty box subscription service.  There are a lot out there Petit Vour is great because they send sample sized vegan products for you to try for about $15.00.  I have found a few new products this way and if you don’t like one its only a sample size and easy to get rid of.    

A few of my favorites right now are.

OSEA Malibu Atmosphere Protection Creme- It’s expensive but this moisturizer is super light weight and not greasy making it awesome under makeup.  It can be mixed with foundation for an even smooth application.  It protects against environmental stressors.  I use this every day right out of the shower.  My only complaint is the pump stops working when the bottle gets low but its not that big of a deal I just take the top off.  A huge plus its all natural.  oseamalibu.com

Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara in Supernova- This mascara is infused with coconut oil and Vitamin B to hydrate and strengthen your lashes.  It has great color, its not flaky, and give you a natural look. Add volume by adding more.  pacificabeauty.com

Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser- Activated charcoal neutralizes acidity and absorbs impurities with gentle exfoliation.  This is great for sensitive skin, it smells great and is non drying.  I usually use this at night because it takes my makeup off without a lot of effort.  shamanuti.com

I always keep a few things in my bathroom for when I run out of something or need extra help with a problem area.  Those items are coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and aloe.  Coconut oil is great to cook with but keep a jar in your bathroom because you can use it for anything.  Moisturizer, makeup remover, out of shave gel coconut oil works great.  If my skin is really dry I will slather myself in coconut oil and smell great all day!  ACV is a great toner make sure to dilute because ACV is strong.  In a small spray bottle or jar mix 3 parts water with 1 part ACV add a good skin essential oil if you want and there you go homemade skin toner.  I also use this as a hair rinse when my scalp is needing extra attention.  Aloe is a great moisturizer especially on your face.  Have a sun burn or been in the sun all day have aloe on hand its calming to the skin.   

Do you have any favorites? Or products I should try? Let me know!